The Acoustic Word
Reformation Sunday John 8:31-32

Then Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, ‘If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.’


Each time I walk into The Chapel of the Abiding Presence on the campus of Texas Lutheran University I dip my fingers into the baptismal font and make the sign of the cross in remembrance of my baptism.  And I remember the truth about who I am, I remember that I am nothing less than a beloved child of God.


You see most of the places I go in this world try to tell me something different.  They tell me that I am too old or too young, they proclaim that I’m not good enough, they point out what’s wrong with me, they describe the ways in which I am lacking.  Outside the chapel I never measure up, I am measured by the law and found guilty.  Inside the chapel, in the waters of my baptism, I am defined by grace, by God’s great love for me, and I am beloved.


This is the great truth of the gospel, the truth proclaimed and experienced in baptism, the truth that we are called to remember daily.


“One More Life”

One more life, A bright shining light
One more hope, That the world will be all right
You’re a miracle child, Love made alive
Water falls from heaven , as God says you’re mine
God says you’re mine
One more heart, Begun by You
One more soul, And hey all things are new
And soon you’ll know your name, Love’s made its claim
Heaven will be calling you, And you’ll never be the same
You’ll never be the same
And you’ll never be alone, When you feel lonely
You’ll always be loved, Yaeh, you’re part of a family
Something’s happened today, That can never fade away
When God comes down from heaven , He’s here to stay
Here to stay
In one more life, One more life,
One more life, One more life
You’re a miracle child
Love made alive
Water falls from heaven
God says you’re mine
God says you’re mine

Dipping your fingers into water and making the sign of the cross is not an act of superstition or magic.  It will not make the hard parts of life disappear.  However knowing that ultimately you are loved, that you have gifts and talents, and that you belong to God will get you through whatever hard times might be in your path.  Love, the love of God in Christ Jesus, makes all things possible.


So today, and each and every day, take a moment to remember your baptism, to remember that you are loved, to remember that you are nothing less than the beloved of God.   You don’t need to visit the Chapel of the Abiding Presence to do that, however if you are in the area step inside that holy place and dip your fingers into the font and be present in the promise that is yours!  Remember in the morning when you splash your face with water, remember in the day when you pass by a river, a lake, or the ocean, remember when it rains, when the heavens release grace for you, remember at the end of the day when you drink a nice cool and refreshing glass of water, and if need be remember in the desert where there is no water, when life is hard, remember by making the sign of the cross and believing the truth, the truth that will set you free, the truth about who you are, nothing less than the beloved child of God!  Amen.


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