Here’s some songs that we think might be good for worship!  If you are interested in using any of these songs in worship please contact us at  We would be more than happy to send you an MP3 of the song along with the lyrics and chords.  All we ask is that you give credit to the artist!


The Alleluia Liturgy

The Invocation “In The Name of the Father”

      1. The-Invocation.mp3

The Kyrie “Lord Have Mercy”

      2. Kyrie-Lord-Have-Mercy.mp3

The Hymn of Praise “Alleluia, Christ is Here”

      3. Alleluia Christ Is Here

The Gospel Acclamation “All People Gather ‘Round”

      4. All People Gather Round

The Offertory “Receive These Gifts”

      5. Receive These Gifts

“The Great Thanksgiving”

      6. The-Great-Thanksgiving.mp3

Communion Hymn “Holy Lord”

      7. Holy-Lord.mp3

The Post Communion Canticle “Thank the Lord”

(Coming Soon)

The Benediction “In Peace We Go Our Way”

      8. In Peace We Go Our Way


Songs for Worship

“Bless the Lord My Soul”

      9. Bless-The-Lord-My-Soul.mp3


      10. Forgetting-str2.mp3

“Let It Be To Me”

      11. Let It Be To Me

“Think About These Things”

      12. Think About These Things

“Clothe Me In Love”

      13. Clothe-Me-In-Love.mp3

“We Come To You Bread Of Life”

      14. We Come To You Bread Of Life

“Love One Another”

      15. Love-One-Another.mp3

“Light of Heaven”

      16. Light Of Heaven

“Open My Eyes”

      17. Open My Eyes


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