About Greg

Music has always been an important and driving force in my life.  As a kid I remember listening to the radio at night and singing along with the great songs of the 60’s and 70’s.  The music and the message always came together in a strong way.  Thanks to a scheduling mistake in Junior High I ended up in a Guitar Class.  I really don’t remember signing up for the class and as school began I didn’t even have a guitar.  But after about a week my parents found me a guitar and I began to learn some chords.  As fate would have it that winter I broke my leg in a skiing accident and I spent the next three months in a cast playing my guitar.  And as I look back that’s when my love affair with the guitar and music began to take flight.  While it remained on the back burner through High School it was always my  first love.  In college I began to write songs and finally found the courage to begin to perform and the rest is my history.  Writing songs and performing those songs at Coffee Houses, Concerts, and in Church became the way that I processed life.  My songs have always been about understanding life, asking the big existential questions about love, purpose, and vocation.

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